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T-Cubed, Thoroughbred Technology and Telecommunications, is a subsidiary of Norfolk Southern Corporation, one of the nation's premier railroads. The company uses Norfolk Southern's extensive rail network of more than 21,000 miles of right-of-way and other infrastructure to participate in the telecommunications business.

T-Cubed offers installation opportunities for fiber optics. With a 22-state network, T-Cubed gives you the ability to connect major metropolitan areas, regional centers and even the smallest localities.

T-Cubed offers:

  • Access to rights-of-way and other Norfolk Southern real estate to help you quickly evaluate property for potential development

  • Key corridors now in development for conduit and/or dark fiber options at competitive prices

  • Expeditious handling and engineering review for fiber optic and tower development projects

  • Program management for permitting and design work

  • Answers to questions about rights-of-way and other property details through liaison with Norfolk Southern's real estate experts

  • Creative financing solutions to assist customers in meeting financial objectives.

If you're looking for an efficient, effective way to expand your company's ability to transmit voice and data . . .
call T-Cubed.